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    Stress-Relieving Tips that will Help you to Relieve Work-Related Anxiety

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    When your alarm pings in the morning, there’s a chance that you climb out of bed disgruntled and unable to fully wake up. At the end of the day, we live in an era where constant communication is required. Technology is quickly encroaching on our lives and at times, you may think that you spend more hours in the week working than you do at home. The problem is that the mental cost of this cannot be measured. Everyone experiences stress from time to time, but it is estimated that well over 40 million people in America suffer from some kind of panic disorder on a day to day basis. Anxiety is ultimately a learned response that stems from stress. It can cause someone to experience unfounded frustration and complete hopelessness. If you want to stop stress and anxiety from taking over your life, then this is the guide for you.

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    Take it Easy on the Caffeine

    Sure, there’s something nice about starting off the morning with a strong cup of coffee. There’s something so satisfying about watching the hot steam rise from the mug. Even though caffeine helps your energy levels, you have to remember that it can also mimic your anxiety symptoms. It can give you a racing heart, shaking hands and in some instances even an upset stomach. Even though the caffeine is rarely a cause of anxiety, if you are in a sensitised state, you are vulnerable to the effects that coffee can produce. Your mind may easily misinterpret the effects. Rest assured, you do not have to kick this habit entirely, you just need to know your cues. If you are feeling tense, don’t reach out for the coffee, just consume it in moderation. If that doesn’t work, you can use cannabis-tinktur as a way to relieve anxiety and, like coffee, it is a completely natural remedy.

    Don’t Overthink

    Sometimes finding out what is getting you worked up can easily make you feel anxious. At the end of the day, stress isn’t going to go away. Some jobs are very, very stressful.  Studies have been done on nurses and their stress levels throughout the day, changing nothing in their day to day duties. They then helped the same nurses to practice mindfulness and helped them to change the way that they respond to stress. The study showed that up to 40% of people experienced a significant reduction in the stress they felt, so it’s surprising to see how powerful this can be.

    Accept your Anxiety

    Have you ever sat in a meeting and felt cold sweats or even a racing heart? You have a couple of options here. You can fight the feeling, you can remove yourself from the situation or you can accept your anxiety. Accepting the situation ultimately means sitting there while the feeling passes. It probably won’t feel good, but it will pass and when it does, you will feel better.

    Fake It

    Sometimes you really do just need to bear it. Faking it can work very well in most instances. You just need to act normal and then make light of the anxiety you have. Power poses can work really well here, so stand tall and make sure that you smile. If you can do this then your body will start to respond naturally, and this can really work in your favour.

    Have a Breather

    It doesn’t matter whether you meditate for a full three minutes or whether you just focus on taking a couple of deep breaths, because you have to remember to take some time so you can check in with yourself. Even if you do it for just 30 seconds, it gives you the time to process what you are feeling while also helping you to restore a sense of calm. Statistics show that smartphone apps are ideal at helping you to do this, and that you’d be surprised by the powerful effects they can have. If you want to help yourself here, then make sure that you download some apps that are specific to meditation so that you can make the most out of your experience. This will also help to teach you powerful techniques that you can use in the future as well, so make sure that you keep that in mind if at all possible.

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